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Meet Erika

Erika is an advocate for and passionate about standing up for the working class. In Washington, she will be a voice for every person in our district. She is a single-mom of three amazing young people, who in turn are her biggest supporters.

The Platform

Innovative & Adaptive Education

  Education and training are vital to improving the quality of life for the families in the 15th District. We must develop more opportunities of training programs, apprenticeships, vocational training, and community college opportunities. 

Affordable & Accessible Healthcare

  We must increase access to primary medicine, women’s health, mental health services, dental health, and medical services to seniors and veterans. We can best accomplish this through more mobile medical units in this district.

Sustainable Economic Development

  We need to bring sustainable business and employment opportunities into the district. This includes plans to expanding opportunities for our farming community, developing small businesses near and along Routes 1 and 50, Interstates 57, 70, and 74, along the Ohio River, and recruiting more businesses with remote employment opportunities. 


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